We are looking for Collaborators and Intermediaries who:

  • they can find us, report and put in contact with Investors and Buyers who are interested and who may be interested in investing and buying in Italy
  • they can make easy and facilitate investments and purchases
  • they can, in general, be helpful and supportive

Are you a real estate operator, you are a real estate agent, are you an accountant, are you a lawyer, are you an architect, are you a professional, are you a broker, are you a financial and banking system operator, are you a manager, are you an investor professional, are you the owner and / or the administrator of a hotel chain, are you a professional operator in the hotel sector and / or in the non-hotel accommodation sector, are you a private investor, are you an interested buyer, are you something else, are you a subject who has a project to carry out and the money to carry it out?

Have you contacts, acquaintances, relationships, etc. … with:

  • investment funds
  • pension funds
  • investment banks
  • business banks
  • real estate funds
  • commercial banks
  • private investors
  • company owners,
  • entrepreneurs
  • wealthy people
  • managers and directors of companies
  • hotel chains that want and want to enter the sector in Italy
  • tourism and hotel sector operators wishing to enter the Italian market
  • companies owning hotel chains
  • subjects operating in the tourism sector
  • subjects operating in the non-hotel accommodation sector
  • corporations that want to invest and diversify
  • subjects operating in the real estate sector
  • real estate and property development companies
  • private customers
  • potential customers
  • companies and individuals who want to invest and diversify
  • private individuals and individuals who want to invest and diversify
  • companies that want to invest and diversify,
  • other types of subjects and anyone interested

who are or could be interested in investing and buying real estate properties and hotels and other non-hotel accommodation facilities in Italy?

If the answers are positive:

we are looking for you

we can join forces

we can cooperate

we can work together

we can make money together


for the exchange of initial information

Activate immediately:

  • your contacts
  • your direct personal knowledge
  • your indirect acquaintances through other people
  • your relationships with company owners, company CEOs, entrepreneurs, wealthy people, company managers and company directors, etc.

collaborate and work and earn with us

We can obtain excellent revenues and profits quickly as the investments and purchases we propose have very important values.

All those who, during the path we have planned and which must lead us to the finish line successfully:

  • will cooperate with us
  • will work with us
  • they will give us their trust
  • will interact with us
  • they will help us

they will receive a concrete appreciation from us, which we will evaluate and quantify on a case-by-case basis.

We can satisfy almost all possible requests

  • individual investments and purchases
  • small investments and purchases
  • average investments and purchases
  • large investments and purchases
  • huge investments and purchases

In this historical phase, carrying out large projects in Italy is quite simple and does not involve the use of large resources, the doors are open and the general conditions are favorable.

We can manage any type of operation, and of any size and value (small, medium, large, very large, etc.).

We can carry out research to satisfy specific requests from Investors and Buyers.

We guarantee confidentiality and high-level skills

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