The Product offered for sale on World Markets is made up of a set of thousands of Objects, classified into the following categories:

  • Hotels (Hotels and Hotel Real Estate)
  • Non-hotel type accommodation facilities (non-hotel type accommodation facilities and non-hotel type real estate properties)
  • Real Estate Investments and Real Estate Development Projects
  • Lands and Farms
  • Boats
  • Auctions (Real Estate, Hotels and Non-Hotel Accommodation Facilities in Auction)

The Objects that make up the Product and that are offered for sale:

  • have been, are and will be actively sought, evaluated and preselected
  • are heterogeneous and of various types, of all qualities and immediately available (some are operational and active others are not)
  • are made up of Real Estate Properties and Companies, if any
  • the real estate properties are undivided, unique, whole and independent
  • are part
    • of the Hotel Type Accommodation Sector
    • of the Non-Hotel Accommodation Sector
    • the Real Estate Sector
    • the Tourism Sector in general
  • are immediately ready, perfect to be transformed and converted into financial derivative products, such as, for example, real estate funds or other similar financial products
  • the creation of derivative financial products, and their subsequent sale on the financial markets, produce effects and economic results:
    • which can multiply the invested capital by N times
    • generate very interesting earnings for everyone, to be redistributed among the promoters and implementers
  • can guarantee immediate and safe profitability, generated by revenues:
    • obtained from the rents of real estate properties
    • obtained from any rental and / or sale of companies
  • can generate potential return on investment (ROI) of up to 20% (twenty percent) per year and beyond
  • guarantee, to Investors and Buyers who will make investments and purchases in Italy, excellent capital gains in the medium term, consequent to their physiological and natural increase in value

Investors and Buyers

Don’t miss this great opportunity

Now is the right time to invest and earn in Italy

The selling prices of hotels, accommodation facilities, and real estate properties in Italy are currently interesting, advantageous and convenient for those who buy.

The real estate market in Italy is in a phase of price depression, but this state is a temporary and contingent market anomaly, and the market trend is starting to rise.

The Sale Price of each Object is UNIQUE and INCLUDES EVERYTHING, both the Sale Price of the Real Estate Properties, and the Sale Price of the Companies, if any, therefore:

Real estate properties +

Company (Hotel or Extra Hotel and / or other type of business)



to simplify the investment and the successful conclusion of the deal and the sale process

The solution adopted with the SINGLE PRICE THAT INCLUDES EVERYTHING:

  • generates benefits for Investors and Buyers
  • simplifies the evaluation and purchase process
  • facilitates and facilitates the negotiation phase
  • reduces the time for successful conclusion of negotiations and sales
  • allows Investors and Buyers to optimize the process of evaluating and implementing investment projects and purchases
  • Hotel Type Businesses, Non-Hotel Accommodation Businesses, Farms, Food and Beverage Administration Companies and any Other Businesses and the licenses and authorizations required for the performance of business activities
    • are included in the SINGLE PRICE
    • are sold together with the Real Estate Properties
    • they are not valued separately

The Product:

  • has a Total Value of billions of euros, calculated by adding the Sale Price of the individual Objects
  • the Total Value:
    • is entirely constituted by the Sale Price of the Real Estate Properties of each Object
    • it also includes the value of businesses and companies, if any
    • Investors and Buyers, after the purchase, can also separate, enhance and manage the value of businesses and companies separately, obtaining an immediate increase in the value of the investment and purchase
  • is constantly evolving and gradually increasing, day by day, in quantity and value
  • is available immediately and includes pre-selected Objects for Investors and Buyers
  • allows Investors and Buyers:
    • to select the Objects, from 1 to N
    • to choose the economic and quantitative dimension of the investment and purchase
  • is immediately ready and perfect to be transformed and converted into financial derivative products such as, for example, real estate funds or other similar financial products, with multiplier effects on the invested capital and earnings for all
  • can guarantee immediate and safe revenues, generated by the rents for the rental of real estate properties in which businesses and companies carry out business activities
  • can generate potential return on investment (ROI) of up to 20% (twenty percent) per year and beyond
  • can be purchased in blocks or subsets, consisting of 1, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 700, 1,000, to N Objects, selectable on the basis of specific quantitative and qualitative parameters and determined by Investors and Buyers
  • reserves and offers the possibility to Investors and Buyers to implement potential scenarios, to plan and realize investments, and to achieve objectives, such as those listed, by way of example and not exhaustive, below:
    • become market leader and / or market leader of specific market segments and / or market leader of sectors and control and manage their evolution and development
    • build the largest hotel chain in Italy
    • build the largest hotel chains in specific sectors and sub-sectors of the market
    • design and build the largest real estate fund in the hotel and non-hotel accommodation sector
    • design and build real estate funds for specific segments and subsectors
    • segment the market by parameters (dimensional, geographical, qualitative, etc.)
    • control and / or orient the demand, the offer, the prices, the decisions of other players in the market and in the economic sectors
    • transform physical assets into derivative financial products, and create new markets with exponentially increased values

In this historical phase, carrying out large projects in Italy is quite simple and does not involve the use of large resources, the doors are open and the general conditions are favorable.

Tell us about your investment objectives, purchase intentions and wishes and we can support, advise and guide you during the decision-making process.



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