The HOTELSANDPROPERTIESINITALYFORSALE.COM Project, which we have conceived and which we are implementing, is a Unique and Innovative Project that no one has ever attempted to implement.

The HOTELSANDPROPERTIESINITALYFORSALE.COM Project operates on two fronts: Offer and Demand.

On the Offer side

  • we have researched in Italy, and beyond, and we have grouped together thousands of Sellers, owners of the Objects, of the same macro sector and of homogeneous sectors, who have the common objective / target of selling
  • we have created the Product in advance, consisting of thousands of Objects, and classified them into categories, as follows:
    • Hotels
    • Non-hotel type accommodation facilities
    • Real Estate Investments and Real Estate Development Projects
    • Lands and Farms
    • Boats
    • Auctions
  • we continue to work steadily to make the Product progressively larger and more interesting for Investors and Buyers, aware and certain that the increase in the number of Objects present in the Product mathematically produces a significant and exponential increase in the probability of success of the HOTELSANDPROPERTIESINITALYFORSALE.COM Project

On the Demand side

  • we are looking for / we search Investors and Buyers on foreign markets, all over the world, to whom we can offer and sell the Product
  • we propose and offer on international markets, in the World, a Product, consisting of thousands of Objects, immediately available and selectable:
    • in quantities
    • of the dimensions
    • based on the specific parameters determined by Investors and Buyers

For the implementation of the HOTELSANDPROPERTIESINITALYFORSALE.COM Project and to bring together Offer and Demand, therefore the Sellers with Investors and Buyers:

  • an exclusive and proprietary marketing infrastructure has been created and is constantly being developed and perfected, which also includes five dedicated and specific sites and portals, at the service of activities on the Demand side and on the Offer side
  • the marketing strategies and methodologies that are developed are active, quantitative, qualitative, national and global
  • an internet platform has been created and is constantly being developed and perfected:
    • which constitutes the marketplace for sales
    • that brings together Demand and Offer in an effective and efficient, exclusive and confidential way
    • which contains the Product
    • which makes available and provides to Investors and Buyers the standardized information of all the individual Objects
    • which represents the perfect and immediately ready marketplace for managing the sales process and for the successful and rapid conclusion of sales
  • a favorable general and overall environment has been created and is constantly being developed and perfected:
    • which determines the ideal conditions for the decisions and choices of Investors and Buyers
    • allows Investors and Buyers to optimize the process of evaluating and implementing investment projects and purchases

Bringing Offer and Demand together, therefore the Sellers with Investors and Buyers, has the following objectives and must:

  • stimulate and encourage investments of hundreds of millions, billions, and, in general, of any size and value, in the hotel and hospitality sector, in the real estate sector and in the tourism sector, in Italy (and beyond), which is:
    • the only country in the world where approximately 70% of the world’s beauties and cultural heritage are present
    • a stable, safe country, without the phenomena of political and social instability that characterize almost all geographical areas and countries of the world, and without hurricanes, monsoons and tropical storms, etc.
  • create opportunities, revolutionize, stimulate the markets and sectors involved, through the entry of new and important operators, who will conquer the supremacy and / or control of specific markets and sectors
  • multiply the value of investments by N times by transforming real estate properties and assets into derivative financial products, such as, for example, real estate investment funds and similar financial products

The HOTELSANDPROPERTIESINITALYFORSALE.COM Project must become, is becoming and will become the reference subject in Italy for all international Investors and Buyers who wish to invest in Italy, in the real estate, hotel and tourism market in general.

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